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From the World of cars the new Otefal Collection: Dwall Metallic!

      Metallic finishes, borrowed from the world of cars, now coat also buildings. New colours at state-of-the-art architecture service. Exploiting its close synergies with a great supplier of PDVF varnish like BASF, Otefal realised a new colours collection: the range of Dwall liquid-varnished aluminium boards is enriched by a series of relevant and elegant metallic finishes.The high quality level of the components used, which are constantly tested in direct collaboration with the most established paint manufactures, as BASF, turns out in a finishing which features its extraordinary resistance to light, alkaline attacks and atmospheric agent action, by keeping the original colour and brightness unaltered over time. Metallic paints used by OFETAL GROUP are made up of a PVDF resin base - the best in terms of resistance and wear over time - additioned with a percentage of accurately selected special pigments, which can provide colours with their characteristic metal effect Metallic varnishes chosen to widen DWALL colours range, are borrowed from the world of cars. They are all produced in the central laboratory of BASF Coatings AG at Muenster and in Pigments division of BASF AG at Ludwigshafen, in Germany.Also suitable for the most elegant and high impact architectonic solutions, metal finishings perfectly combine with the most varied types of materials, thus exalting shapes and volumes through spectacular colour variations.Through metallised paints, the appropriate changes in types and dosing of pigments can also obtain relief finishings having the particular "textured finish" or hammered effect, according to the specific needs of planning and decorative coating.

Finishes & colours

      The range of Dwall liquid coated aluminium panels has been extended with a line of very modern and smart metallic finishes. DWALL METALLIC offers a very wide colour range (Pegasus, Moon, Jupiter, Siryus, Ankaa, Deneb, Altair, Anrares, Saturn, Rigel, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Gemini, Polaris, Venus, Orion, Vega, Alfa centaury, Virgo, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Pluto).
The metallic paints used to extend the DWALL colour range are the same as those used in car manufacturing; they have been developed in the central laboratory of BASF Coatings AG in Muenster and in the Pigments Division of BASF AG in Ludwigshafen, in Germany.


Technical data of Dwall Metallic

Basic alloys: 1000 / 3000 / 5000 series (chemical composition A.A. standard)

Thickness:between 0.25 and 3.00 mm

Width:up to 1,550 mm

Length: coils or sheets up to 6,000 mm

Coating: PVDF paints

Finishes: metallic

Colours: range of 24 colours with option of formulating personalized colours
matched to sample provided

Protective film: LDPE protection provided by UV-resistant

Weather resistance:maximum

Fire reaction: low flame spread (RWTUV certification, class A1*)

Workability: very thick coating resistant to bending and deformation, no cracking at
a bends radius from 1T to 2T (it depends on basic alloys used)

Impact resistance:no cracking at a maximum of 10 N

Off-cuts recycling: 100% recycle

Flatness: total "Panel Quality" (continuous stretching) in accordance with
the EN 485-4 norm

Appearance: completely evenness of finish and colour

* class A1 is the safest reaction class for building in Europe, in accordance with EN 13501-1 norm


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