Product Description & Specification  

The beauty of aluminium

      DWALL IRIDIUM is distinguished by its innovative finishes with the iridescent look provided thanks to the use of the special pigments contained in the coatings, DWALL IRIDUM offers a solution with extraordinary aesthetic impact, remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents and changes in temperature.Otefal, alla ricerca di un prodotto innovativo e nel rispetto degli alti standard qualitativi del gruppo, ha sfruttato le sinergie di luce colore, creando cos? un effetto sensazionale, uno spunto alla creativit? di progettisti ed architetti.

Finishes & colours

      The combination of light and colour
      The DWALL IRIDIUM combination of light and colour offers designers ample inspiration for creativity and a wide range of basic colours that can be mixed to create all the shades required. We place as many as 15 iridescent finishes at disposal: ( Alaska, Mississippi, Hawaii, New York, California, Montana, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgia and Oregon.
Move the mouse over the colours: their name will appear and you will be able to understand
how colours change and see the different shades depending on the angle of viewing.


Technical data of Dwall Iridium

Basic alloys:                           5000 series (chemical composition A.A. standard

Thickness:                              between 0.25 and 3.00 mm

Width:                                     up to 1,550 mm

Length:                                   coils or sheets up to 6,000 mm

Coating:                                  PVDF paints

Finishes:                                 iridescent

Colours:                                  range of 18 colours with option of formulating personalized colours
                                                  matched to sample provided

Protective film:                     LPDE protection provided by UV-resistant

Weather resistance:             maximum

Fire reaction:                         low flame spread (RWTUV certification, class A1*)

Workability:                          very thick coating resistant to bending and deformation, no cracking at
                                                 a bends radius from 1T to 2T (it depends on basic alloys used)

Impact resistance:               no cracking at a maximum of 10 Nm

Off-cuts recycling:                100% recycle

Flatness:                                 total "Panel Quality" (continuous stretching), in accordance with
                                                  the EN 485-4 norm

Appearance:                          completely evenness of finish and colour

*class A1 is the safest reaction class for building in Europe, in accordance with EN13501-1 norm



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